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Each Person is Strange And or Unusual.

Some Stranger Than Others.

Some More Unusual Than Other’s.

You Might Have Seen Someone in a Relationship With Someone And Thought to Yourself, ‘Man, That is Strange And Unusual’.

I Mean Why Did That Girl Choose That Guy?.

Why Did That Guy Choose That Girl?.


Why Did That Girl Choose That Girl?.

Why Did That Guy Choose That Guy?.

Well, For Starters, You Aren’t Either One of Those People. And You Aren’t Actually in That Relationship in Any Way. So. Why Question?.


Point is, Being Strange And or Unusual is Something to Be Proud of.

If You Aren’t Hurting Anyone or Crossing Any Moral Lines. In Any Way.

Well. I Don’t See The Problem.

So. Enjoy Each Other’s Company. And Jus Love What You Have Chosen to Share Your Heart With.





Uh Huh (!!!)… . … :right_anger_bubble: :100: :right_anger_bubble:

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Happy Good Informative Helpfully Spiritual Alien Human Intentions (!!!)… . … :100: :right_anger_bubble: :100:

And So.

For Those Who Have Found Their Partner in Crime.

Remember Thus!,

If You Guys And Gals Don’t Start Getting Along, A Bee is Gonna Sting Your Tongues (!!!).



That Will not Happen I Promise…,

But Wouldn’t That Bee Weird (?!?)…,

Enjoy The Song Instead

Girls And Girls And Boys And Boys

I get along with my boy, just fine. Although being in the house all day everyday is causing issues. But overall I’m happy with him and he with me. My children not so much. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The Real Question is!!!,

Do They Love OCARINA OF TIME (???)… . … :100:

Lol, you bet they do. We all love us a little link, Zelda and Ganon. I have an ocarina.

Then Play a Tune (!!!).

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Where is The Truth?.

What is Truth?.

Gaze in Endless Wonder

1.) https://www.nga.gov/collection/paintings/italian-15th-century.html

Find a Trace of Cultural Ghost Printing

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