Girls - do you have a steady pelvis or a rocking one?

So I notice women have two different shapes = the standing there or the movers. Did you ever see women that way?

My hips are pretty unusual for a white woman


Caucasian woman, no offence

Does it matter?

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Not for me fiftheen

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My pelvis is pretty steady.

I’m a rocker but a more recent one. It’s kind of soothing.

My friend is a rocker and she says it’s from rocking her kids when they were babies.

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Wide hips on a woman are so cool. Idk why.

Although not the most important thing about a woman

I think it’s from thinking of a cradle. Is it rocking or is it still.

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Lol, I’m. Not sure about that. Perhaps

If there’s a baby inside, you’d think of it.

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