Girlfriend thinks i need to seek help

So here it is…no lies, no ■■■■■■■■…I’m open to honest answers…if you are negative, just save your time and don’t reply…please.

It’s 4:20am (and I don’t even smoke pot), and I am in belief that my fiance has her ex hiding in the attic waiting for me to go to sleep so she can ■■■■ him. I came to this conclusion because of her picking arguments with me for no reason and then not wanting anything to do with me. But before you start to think I’m just a insecure, jealous douchebag…let me explain. I put things around the house in certain spots and I know exactly how they should be. Things get moved that shouldn’t even be touched. Some of my things come up missing, often. This has been going on for a couple months. While laying in bed with her “sleeping”, watching tv, I notice the comforter moving in a suspicious way. I get up quickly but no one is there. No one is in the room because I did turn on the lights and search, while she is bitching at me “WTF are you doing…I’m trying to sleep!”. I’'ve also seen the couch cushions move in a related way. The next day I cut slits in the couch, underneath the cushions, trying to find out how he is fingering her while laughing at me. It’s got to be impossible for a person to get inside it. I did put small pieces of paper between the attic door so if it was opened, it would fall…And the paper had fallen to the ground. I also hear the door close sometimes late at night, but she’s by my side sleeping.I decided to go in the attic tonight before bed and she got hysterical saying “I’m calling the cops to get you baker acted”. I didn’t give a ■■■■ though. Only thing in my mind is, I know this pussy is in here and I’m dragging him out by his neck! I went in and he’s nowhere to be found. Although I had only a couple minutes to look and she was calling the law…I had to look fast and get the ■■■■ out. I didn’t get a good look and there is tons of insulation he could have been under. I will be back in there before I leave for work! My other activities include work…that is all! I go to work and then I come home and work in the yard. I don’t have friends…people I know are called acquaintances. Friends always want something from you. My brother is bi-polar adhd, my dad is bi-polar (takes syriquil and lithium as well …don’t know if that might help), and the only problem my mom had was stress. Anyway, time to get ready for work…but the attic first. This is my first time telling this to anyone. Is it just my mind???

Hey, it sounds a lot like paranoid behaviour to me, you might want to talk to a psychiatrist about that. I’m sorry if I sound negative, not intended, the opposite actually.

You should seek help immediately. If your girlfriend wants to sleep with her ex, she will dump you and go after him. There’s a reason she’s next to you in your bed. Do you know how uncomfortable and dangerous it would be to hide inside someone else’s house? Please seek help immediately.

Unfortunately, it does sound paranoid. I.e. All in your mind. That’s how I started out. I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.

I urge you to get help. To be honest, I’d print out your post and show it to the doctor.

If you go untreated, you could more than likely become psychotic (think you can fly type of thing) and end up harming yourself or others or worse.

I’d get treatment now while you still have some insight into your condition. If you’re posting here, you have some insight.

I nearly died because I became psychotic and thought I was immortal etc. That’s something you can avoid.

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Man, I’m kind of worried for your girlfriend. You could hurt her unintentionally.
I live with the jealous control freak and I know what is jealousy when I see it. And this is not it.
Tell your concerns to your doctor.

I used to do that… place objects in specific places to make sure no one was in the house or breaking in… or hiding. The problem is… when you live with others… stuff just gets moved anyway. So it only made me more upset… and didn’t prove anything.

I do agree with the others… it sounds like your going through some paranoia. I hope you can talk to someone. I’ve been there… I remember the stress, anger and anxiety of that paranoia hit. It’s painful.

I hope things work out and you feel better soon.