Girl talk hair talk

Bought clip on hair extentions.


They look natural,

You really can’t tell!


Thanks. And they are synthetic fibers.

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They’re a great match to your hair and they look great.

I love it when a new hair thing works it,

It makes you feel so fresh and new!

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Its actually really cool to walk around town with long hair…when its not mine.

And it seems to me people on the street love me for my long hair.


My sister just got the clip in to and it’s amazing how it looks natural! I’m going to need a clip in to because I’m developing a bald spot in the middle back part of head. I’ve met 2 people with wigs and I had no clue and they were only self conscious for about a month.

Looks really good Kerli!! :heart: My hair is awful and dry and curly :joy:

It looks good on you, I just cut my mermaid curls.

looks good I can’t tell where they start.

Looks pretty and natural :+1:

Looking good dude!!

Its starts really long up there. I only left thin layer of har on top of extention to cover it up. I had to put it way up.cause my real hair is short and will show otherwise.

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