Ginseng and schizophrenia

I am thinking about starting ginseng to help with my memory. Currently, i am on Vraylar 6 mg and Haldo 150 mg

Has anyone else taken ginseng, what do you think about it?

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If you get permission to take it, be aware that ginseng can be unsafe if you take it long-term. Some researchers believe that it could have hormone-like effects if taken for a prolonged period, so if you do decide to take ginseng, don’t take it for any longer than three months


How are you going on Vraylar ? :slightly_smiling_face:
Have you got big difference in negative symptoms?

Ginseng I think just gave me tremors and some energy!

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mmm youre already on Vraylar… should help

I like vraylar alot I am on 6mg and doing good I still get voices everyday but they are less frequent

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I’m so glad for you!! :smiley:
Is it improving algo negative symotoms ?!

yes it is but I think the haldol is helping too ( i am on haldo 150mg too)

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