Ghosts harrassing me spewing shallow hate

This is my remaining symptom at this point. I can’t help but treat it as real sometimes. Ghosts in my house who think if your social status is “up”, you’re “good”, and if it isn’t, you don’t deserve to be treated humanly and you aren’t anything worth a damn. It’s worth wondering if they’re just symptoms because they don’t respond to reason at all. They don’t want to believe that they’re anything other than genuine good people, while all they do to me is hate and abuse. I’ve done things that are wrong in my life and they know it, but I’ve felt genuine guilt for those things and changed as a person because of it. They just blindly deny that I could change, and justify everything they do by saying, "In life, I was a good “up”.

I talk to my psychiatrist again in about a month. The new med combo I’ve been on has helped with everything else but this remaining symptom happens often.

Am I just in denial, or am I right by thinking that the way these ghosts think is shallow and ungood?

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It sounds like you’re externalising your own subconscious beliefs.

The ghosts aren’t real.


They seem shallow.

Have you ever read Oliver Sack’s book on hallucinations? I can’t recall, if I read all of it or not, but I recall that it mentioned someone having visual hallucinations, as though they were at Versailles, long ago.

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