Ghost in the shell

I just finished seeing a movie called ghost in the shell with my family/
It is not that bad. Good movie. I can not tolerate acting and drama well so I watched half of it while taking breaks.

It is not bad.

What do you think will the future will look like? Does this robotic technology make logical reasoning to you?
My cat has a microchip, so you know. Who knows.

My brother in law thinks there will be a huge war and wipe out a lot. =(

That was a very abrupt closer…

I really truly hope not.

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I hope not too. But the world is an ugly place.
Still this world is what it is. My sister said to me, if you learn how to win, these things will not matter to you.

The future to me is my coffee in the morning. That’s as much as I want to think about since that’s all I can control.


I hope something like this is the future.




I hope the future is bright. War is getting old. I think it’s going to take some kind of disaster to get everyone on earth on the same page though. I think they are trying to do it with the whole climate change issue.


I watched the show and some of the animated movies… will watch this after Netflix buys it… technology is the key to peace… when we all have our own personal nano swarm body gaurds rendering current warfare obsolete and all of our cities are protected from modern weapons…then we can try peace… I hope anyway…