Getting worse going through psychosis

Feel like i’m getting worse going through psychosis,feel like i’m about to die almost every day, can not go to the hospital because it would not have a good effect on my symptoms, being sent to the psych ward, being over medicated, and being sent home again.

Have you got family or friends - if so let them know you’re not feeling too good right now.

this is what i do;
avoid stressful situations
withdraw from social interaction and go into your safe enviroment. ( home )
get plenty of sleep
take krill oil
anti-inflammatorys for the brain
no sugar
no alcohol
no caffiene drinks
no recreational drugs…so you don’t stimulate the brain.
sit in nature with gentle music .
eat healthy food
talk to some one you trust
write down your psychotic thoughts
be kind to yourself
take care :alien:


**Hi @see121!
The hospital might be what you need.
Take someone with you who can help you.
Maybe call 911 and have the CIT police come out to you.
They can get you into the hospital faster without the wait.
I hope you go :yellow_heart: :pray: **


I understand what you are going through.

This is a very good rundown. (Hadn’t heard about krill oil, tho.)

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You might have no choice in the matter , if your functioning become so poor , you may be compelled their regardless. Are you taking your meds?

Going to the hospital might get you relief from your symptoms.

I can not go to the hospital even though i feel like it is an emergency, my family does not want this hopefully this will pass.

When i’m like this i panic over the slightest thought and am not able to swallow or breathe, i feels like i’m suffocating.