Getting triggered over meaningless things 😔

I’m tired of having strong emotional reactions to meaningless things. I literally just got into an argument with someone over an online computer game and I’m so worked up about it I cannot sleep. Obviously I realize how absurd this is. On an intellectual level, I see how meaningless and counterproductive this behavior is to my well being but I cannot seem to control my emotions.

Do any of you have problems getting triggered over small meaningless things that you should just blow off, but can’t seem to ignore? If so, do any of you have tricks to overcome these negative emotional reactions? I feel so disgusted at myself for getting worked up over useless things but I can’t seem to control it other than avoiding the stimulus.

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I can relate, making a big deal over minor things, particularly while in an adverse mood state. I wish I could offer tricks to get past it, but all I can ever do for it is make a conscious effort to let go of it. I tell myself, sometimes actually saying out loud to myself, “it’s not worth it, let it go,” or something like that. For example, I do a ton of driving, and I sometimes get worked up by jackass drivers.


When I get this way, it’s because my entire world has shrunk to the size of my house and ego.
The way I get a fresh perspective is by going outside and seeing the real world and how small Iam compared to the rest of it, and it humbles me pretty well.

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Recently I’ve gotten a little triggered by hearing the story of someone and the dark web or was it deep web. I guess it was well told because I don’t feel like sleeping at the moment.

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usually meds help.

but yeah; if those don’t work, I avoid stimulus like fire.

I can be triggered like a motherf#cker, and no one around me will know it. In some ways it can be healthy not to inflict my peevishness on others, but it is also self destructive to hold so much in. It helps if I can learn to talk back to my peeves and dismantle their seeming threats to me. It’s a kind of cognitive behavioral therapy.

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What happened in the deep web that robs your sleep?

my triggers are not offensive but remind me of my past.
I don’t like past.

It was a story about how a guy found a website where they were killing people for fun. Also that they nearly tracked him and could potentially do the same thing to him. It is more about how they talked about it. Went to sleep about an hour after I wrote that though.