Getting to know the red flags

I thought I’ve been doing pretty… “somewhat OK”

There have been some hard days… and a few weeks there that I have NOT been doing well at all. But over all, I think I did better then I have in years past. 4th of July came and went I and I didn’t end up in hospital or crying in my Doc’s office.

But there have been some things that have been standing out for me… some stuff where my brain does stop and say… “NO wait, that’s not right. Quit it. Danger will robonson… Danger…”

I’ve been trying to get to know the red flags that my sis or my parents will mention.

I guess for me… my warning sign is high anger about tiny things… (highly getting my nose out of joint when my girlfriend’s sister called me Jim.) I hate being called Jim. I’m not the captain of the enterprise.

High panic about small things and catastrophic thinking… (It’s not allergies… it’s T.B. My sis is late because she just got kidnapped, it has nothing to do with Stadium traffic.)

Just walking away from even family when they are in the middle of a sentence. (because I already know what they are going to say… because I know it all.)

I’m told I start “discussions/ arguments” about stuff that can’t be changed no matter what… (Because I don’t see it that way, so the situation is stupid… )

Now that I’m getting to know what the red flags are… I’m trying to get to know what to do with them. I’m trying to get to know them so I can see them coming. Or at least get better at listening to my family when my ability to see this starts to fade.

I’ve been writing down my Red flags… I’ve been trying to get to know them. I would love to avoid them and not have more problems due to them. Take action before I loose it all.

I was wondering… How are others doing with their red flags?


For me the red flag for a relapse is bad sleep with nightmares. When I was in a psychosis, I would have sleepless nights with dreadful delusions. Those delusions were exactly a set of nightmares at awake time. So if I have bad sleep three nights in a row, I will increase the dose of antipsychotics. I did it one month ago. The adjustment of meds took effect on me quickly as the quality of my sleep improved fast after that med change.

I noticed that even in a psychosis, my mood was very stable. I was always calm and patient. So I don’t have mood swing or anxiety problem, which is very lucky.

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When I got my relapse in February the red flags for me was that I started to link stimuli and interactions with people. I made all these connections about everything. Fortunately I went in time to my psychiatrist so she adjusted my meds. The real red flag is for me that my mind gets occupied by all these connections and plots. The way I deal with it is to try my best to have insight and then get help as soon as possible.

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My red flag is self-harm and voices telling me I am a liar. Also when I overburden myself and get panic attacks with voices combined.

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Good for you on recognizing the red flags. As a caregiver I watch for them however my son doesn’t see them so your ability to recognize them is a huge step in the right direction.

Some things may seem more pronounced as you are paying attention however some of these are not uncommon even in people without sz. I have had someone note that I usually call people by their full first name. Ex Jamie instead of Jay. I prefer to call people by the name they introduce themselves as because not everyone appreciates the familiarity of a nickname. This person would also joke that she was surprised I didn’t call Doug by his full name Douglass. He introduced himself as Doug so that is the name he is comfortable with :wink: Even I have a tendency to stop listening when I think I already know what the person is going to say. It’s a hard habit to break but I’m working on it :smile:

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Heedless drinking is one for me. Of course, anger issues are always a red flag. When I start planning things to make people see things my way - scheming and acting out.

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My red flags are catastrophic thinking over the smallest challenge, isolating and not seeing friends or going outside, and not getting enough sleep.

Either one of those can throw me into a relapse in no time. So I have to be very vigilant and mindful.

When these happen, I try to seek out logical thought from friends. They can usually talk me through it and calm me down within an hour.

I’m glad to have enough insight that I can recognize these red flags for what they are, and be able to take action.




Over reacting to slights or perceived slights, making outrageous comments, quitting forums,isolating even more.


There should be an entire course on red flags in high school.

Abusive relationship red flags

Possible mental illness in yourself red flags

Possible mental illness in others red flags

Friendships where the other person is only using you for stuff or to make themselves feel better red flags


These guys were pretty strong with their red flags for about 70 years… LOL

LOL… that wouldn’t go over to well with your GF since Kirk was a womanizer and went with just about any alien or human woman he had the opportunity to…

Oh, on topic…red flags (non communist) - avoid, escape, confront, defeat: depending on circumstances


I haven’t been paying too much attention lately but my SO pointed out last night that some of his red flags have gone up. I’ve been isolating, I stopped reading, I’ve been feeling down or blah alot, I haven’t been cooking much, I haven’t wanted to have sex in a while and a couple of other things. I hadn’t really noticed much other than feeling low and not reading. Sometimes it takes others to point them out for you.


don’t you just hate that it’s just little things that pile up and pile up until it’s too late? A little thing here, a little thing there… until it’s big things every where.

I rely on Parents, two siblings and my two friends to sort of let me know what they been noticing.
It takes a good dose of trust in the mix. I have to trust the people who are telling me… “hey, this is concerning me. I’m not sure I’m understanding this.”

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I thought I knew my red flags

but n ow things are falling apart and I didn’t get my usual

lack of sleep has always been a big thing but my sleep can go from 4hrs a night to `19hr and everthing in between… I haven’t had any nights with zero sleep… I force myself to sleep sometimes

I don’t know wht is going on with me anymore, it’s like someone ripped all the pages out of the book and are now rewriting them in code

This actually brings up an odd failure to connect the dots for me.

I knew what the Soviet flag looked like. The red, the sickle and the hammer.

I know what communist China’s flag looks like. The red, the stars. I also know that red is a popular and lucky color in China. I thought that is why they chose to make their flag that color. After reading half a biography on Chairman Mao and the included information on the huge amount of support the Soviet government gave to the communist rebels in China it totally passed me by that that might have also been a reason that the communist government in China chose to make their flag red.

After seeing this picture the red being a constant color of the communists hit me. After years of having read stuff like animal farm, reading about the Russian revolution.


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Correction. I’m taking 2 mg of Haldol daily, starting today. I doubled the dose with the permission, and subscription, of my psychiatrist.

I noticed some red flags. I didn’t notice any kind of psychosis, weird beliefs, or beliefs that I wouldn’t normally have, and I basically never had had problems with hallucinations. I just noticed some feelings and thoughts of slight paranoia of a sort that usually happen to me a couple or few weeks before my psychiatrist and I have decided to increase the dose before. If it had happened again like it happened before, a couple or few weeks from now, I would have asked my psychiatrist to increase the dose anyway, so that I would stop being bothered by my own paranoid thinking.

Why wait for paranoia to get bad? I think that I should recognize what happened before (in the case of my paranoid thinking), and nip it in the bud!