Getting the software to work for you


How do you get the shading to consistently indicate which posts you’ve read? And when you finish reading a post, how do you get back to the same place in the column on the main page that you left from? (Sorry I’m so dense. Maybe I should come here more often and read the instructions!)


I’m not sure why some posts don’t change colors to let you know that you have read them. It doesn’t work for me either all the time. I think it’s a time thing. How long you are in the thread.

I don’t know if using your browsers back button would work for getting back to the same place.


I’ve also tried clicking on the SZ label at the top of the page and on one of the green Diagnosed boxes. Sometimes those work too, but nothing consistent.


are you using mobile phone?
I don’t use mobile.
if you are browsing it with a mobile phone there will be many
lack of abilities
, i guess.
I am new here like many of us.
If you found solution then post that here.