Getting tensed aroud other people

hi :slight_smile: I don’t know what I have but I become tensed around people… even with my mom if she is too close to me… I feel dirty also, I have this delusion that I am dirty and that I transpire a lot and it sucks for the others… were you like this?will I go out of this stress? besides that I have less the impression that my brain is messed up, I feel it less in my head also,probably its a good thing :smile:
kisses to all

If it’s social anxiety it’s suggested to slowly but surely spend more time with people. Like for instance: first day spend 5 minutes close to someone, next time spend 15 minutes around someone(s), time after that 30 minutes and keep working your way up to hours or a whole day. Are you saying you feel dirty because you perspire? Keep wet wipes, heavy duty deodorant (secret makes a clinical strength one and it works real well) and perfume handy. Keep these refreshing products in your bathroom or if you’re out keep them in your purse and refresh in a public bathroom.

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