Getting strong

I tried lifting some furniture the other day, and I couldn’t do it! Now, I used to be totally strong and throw people into the air with one hand. I’m going to get back to that point.

Today I did some core workouts, just to gauge where I am. I could only do ten push-ups! And like fifteen crunches! I’ve been doing loads of hiking and cardio, but I really want to get back my upper body strength.

Workout gurus, how does one get swole without buying equipment? What exercises can I do? I used to go to the gym and do lifting, but we can’t afford a membership right now.

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My husband says to start planking. All you need is the floor. There are many different planking exercises. Check YouTube for beginners planking. He says it’s better for you than sit ups.

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Are you on Medicare? Most advantage plans offer a free gym membership.

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These will workout your entire upper body while increasing your pushup max quickly…


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No, I have private insurance through work. They offer a 25% discount, but we need to save our dollars for the kids now.


These are great for your stomach and back, plus flexibility…

For upper body push ups, spiderman push ups, pull ups and incline push ups are the best bodyweight exercises.

Cant think of much besides push ups and pull ups that doesnt involve actual weights lol