Getting Stiff Yet Feeling Good

Do all Psych meds make you stiff? I’m a young man and value my physical flexibility, but I’ve noticed that I’ve got soreness, and stiffness, I’m sure there’s a bunch of environmental factors that go into it, but for America where flexibility is so valued, both physical and mental, it becomes a real challenge.

That said I’ve got untold blessings since I’ve been helped with my Illness with medicine. Everything seems calmer and more content. I’m able to prioritize and react quickly if I have to. A few things that have gotten better, eating regular meals, finding time for fun, and generally being content with whom I am.

I don’t know if meds make me stiff, I swim a lot and that really makes me feel very stretched out and loose. Plus I have a fairly physical job and I usually think I’m stiff due to that.