Getting settled in here

It’s nice. The whole area is beautiful. The shops are awesome. The restaurant I went to was the freshest food I’ve ever tasted in my life. Everyone here is a hippie/stoner, i feel at home at last. Girls wave at me from across the street. Waitress super friendly. Men wave at me and say hello. Everyone likes my sister here. The bus driver from the airport shuttle should have been a comedian. Everything seems right in the world. I feel like I’ve reached enlightenment, at least compared to where I was…constantly worrying and striving. I can chill now lol. There are white faces, asian faces, black faces, hispanic faces, and NATIVE AMERICANS here. I’ve seen about 2 native americans in my life outside the state of Washington. I’ve already seen about 20 here in my 6 days in Washington in my life. I think that’s cool. I’m happy. It’s not even 8:00. Wesssst sideeeeeeeee


This is brilliant! Are you in Olympia yet? I’m so happy for you! :blush:

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im so glad you are happy and you sound like you are a free spirit xxxxxxxx big hugs xxxx

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