Getting older and repeat farting

Just wait. It’ll happen to you too.

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Maybe you need to change your diet.

Quit eating beans.

I eat a portion of beans about every 3 weeks. I’ve been having prunes because I’m prone to constipation .

Yeah it could be the prunes.

I get it if I drink milk. And strangely also just water. And beer. OK I’m farting all the time.

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Thank you for ruining my day.


Taco Bell does this to me, I don’t mind I actually find it hilarious.

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My ex couldn’t bend over without farting!

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Prunes are disgusting anyways. I eat apples to relieve constipation. Plenty of fiber.



I was buying apples and not eating them . Switched to grapes a couple of months ago.

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I was sitting on a bus and had looked at what was posted on one of the windows.

It said, “A little fart blank Please!”.

I then noticed that I could not see the complete post since my view was a bit blocked by one of those yellow pipes that you at times hang on to.

The actual post was, “A little farther back, Please!”.

Getting older and missreading fart messages.!


Repeat farts? I departs… :wind_face: :running_woman: :smile:


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