Getting off social security disability?

I’ve been pychosis free for 4 years now. actually 4 years and 2 months. I still have problems though. I have social anxiety, paranoia, poor relationship skills, i’m isolated and i don’t make much and every once in a while i hear a voice in my head but it’s just a word and then it goes away.

I am good at my job however and get 4% raised yearly but i don’t much. I make close to 10 bucks an hour part time.

I mentioned to my doctor about going off disability and he thought it was a bad idea. He said that he has seen people where he questions that they should be on it but i am not one of those people. He says that there are a few stories of people going off disability and having careers but they are far between. He’s afraid i will get off it and then have problems which i can understand.

any thoughts on this?? i hate being under the thumb of the government though.

I would definitely listen to your doctor on this. He has some insight to your condition that you may not have.

The only way I would ever remotely go off of SS is if I KNEW, without a shadow of a doubt, that I was capable of making it on my own.

You may not have a lot of positive symptoms, but the social anxiety alone can still be disabling and prevent you from reaching full independence right now.

It’s definitely a great goal for the future, but not right now. Have faith in your doctor’s judgement.




Thanks Anthony i do think your right. But disability is so limiting in a lot of ways. it scares me too actually. I’m afraid i will do something wrong and have to backpay or something.

I too would listen to your doc. It’s a pain true, but having that net should something happen, is comforting. I got off Social assistance and maybe that was the wrong thing to do. Maybe I’ll regret it later. But when I got the offer on the promotion with my job, I didn’t want to turn it down. It wasn’t part time any more, but it was still flexible and I really wanted to work on the parks side more then the building maintenance side. But I would have made too much money for my SSI. But at the same time, the benefit package with the job was really good.

It was a very hard decision and there were hours of pro’s and con’s. I talked to everyone and anyone who could give me advice. This was NOT an overnight decision. I would never encourage anyone to give up their benefits… it’s too much of a fight to be on them. But if that time comes, may it be the right time. It’s not impossible, it’s just not a decision to made quickly or without some help.

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Being on disability and at the mercy of the government really scares me too. Just a few months ago, I had to go through the renewal review, and it was super stressful for me.

Social security is very tough on granting benefits. They try to weed out and deny as many people as possible. That’s why I wouldn’t go off of it–just because I know how incredibly hard it was to get the benefits in the first place. And to keep them through the renewal reviews.

It’s a safety net for people who really need it. And I think that, right now, you truly need it.

So be mindful, be careful, and be thankful that you have this great safety net in place :slight_smile:




Good luck with your job. I think you had a good reason to go off it. and you also will have disability benefits from your job if you were to have problems that can last quite a while too if something were to happen.

I won’t take it lightly if i ever go off. Disability has been very good to me. it just scares the hell out of me.

it is tought to get. . for me honestly it wasn’t that tough. i never thought i would get it. even when i was hallucinating. I applied twice and got it on the second time without a lawyer. I complained on my sisters earlier. But really it is due to my family that i got the benefits. Thanks for the advice. :slight_smile:


i am trying to get on disability for the first time in my life, i am looking at it as a good thing, as a safety net as i am finding it hard at the moment mentally.
personally i would stay on it !
take care

The thing that scares me is Obama might scrap SSI. I saw on a conspiracy forum that O got rid of unemployment benefits today. :sunny:

Ask your doctor how hard it is to get re-instated on SSDI once you go off. And also I would call the national Social Security agency and ask them the same question. Tell them your situation.Tell them you have a job and you want to make it on your own. That might be a first step. Depending on what they tell you, you can make a decision.
The national number is 1-800- 772-1213. Ask them how long it would take to get back on once you go off (if you ever need to) MAYBE tell them you want to get off benefits at this time but that you have a disease where relapse is possible and you might need Social Security in the future and ask them what the process is for getting re-instated and how long that typically takes. Cover all your bases.

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I didn’t read everyones thread, but a lot of old timers warned me that if you go off disability help and end up in the hospital due to stress or what ever. You will lose your job. Then they ended up homeless until their gov. help kicked back in. If you can handle lots of stress then It may be a good idea.

Boris, I would say that it depends on the job. My situation is special. My employer knows I’m disabled.I hurt my foot and had to take a month off from work. My boss kept my job open for me while I was recuperating . I’m sure my situation is not unique.

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My boss also knows about my SZ. I’m a gardner and during the summer I sometimes work 9 hour days, it makes up for the 2 hour days in the dead of winter.
If I’m having a problem, I get time off with out embarrassment. Also, as long as the jobs get done, it doesn’t matter when I start. There is no set time for tree pruning or mulching.

If you are working full time and have been there i think it’s a year but don’t quote me on it they legally have to hold your job if you are disability. I think it’s the family medical leave act. .