Getting new glasses


hey guys, i had an eye test recently and my sight isnt too bad, i was told i needed new glasses though so i looked at all the good ones and the cheap ones, i get a good discount off of the cost bc i am on benefits,

so i picked a pair that i really like and i like them but i hope others like them too, one of my friends said i look nerdy with them but i dont care, i think he said they look big but i think they are perfect.


What is the color of your glasses? I cannot forget the excitement when I first got my new glasses. I tried to watch tv more and more to get them. But it turned into regret as I got older.


hi sonagi, i dont watch tv much but i do use the computer and read and i drive too which can put a strain on my eyes, the colour of my glasses are a kind of dark grey, its hard to describe. the type of glasses are for everyday use so i can use them when i want or i can keep them on all the time, but i probably want put them on all the time.


Dark gray must be good. Mine now is black one and I always tried simple one. Enjoy your glassses they will show you brighter world…!


i’ll post a picture of me wearing them soon


Wow you look really great! Good choice! :smiley:


Those are cool glasses @daydreamer. I wear glasses now, also. My eyes have been getting bad for years. I really only wear them when i go out, though. Not much around the house. I see fine up close but i need help at a distance. Therefore, i wear them mostly when i drive.


I’ve got an eye exam this afternoon, and I hope I won’t need new glasses because I can’t afford them right now. I going to have to make do with the old ones.


Looks good @daydreamer! Nice glasses


I buy my glasses from because they’re super cheap and good quality. Not sure if they’re available in the UK or not, though.


I have two pairs of glasses. One for reading and viewing my computer screen, and the other for longer distant viewing, including watching TV.

I have not upgraded my glasses for over 20 years.

What I do is use my reading glasses for long distant viewing when ever I safely can, such as when watching TV. This exercises my eye muscles and has kept them from worsening over 20 years.


Same here @disciple.

Your glasses look cool @daydreamer.


I wear glasses too. I look like a nerd but I’m told they suit me. Blind as a bat without them! I have a pair of orange clear ones and a grey pair with yellow lenses for driving.


I love shopping for eyewear, I have 2 chanel glasses and 1 versace.


I really need new glasses too but, I’ve been putting it off. I had an appointment a couple of weeks ago but I spaced it off. Now, I need a new referral.


Nice specs @daydreamer


Being ’ Nerdy ’ isn’t a bad thing these days! I need some new glasses too. Thanks for the reminder!


I use zenni too! Great quality for super cheap! I have no idea how they do it!


I love them. During Pride I impulse bought their rainbow glasses at 3am when I couldn’t sleep. I feel like I look ridiculous in them but always get compliments. Even still, they were only like $12, so I don’t feel bad about it.


I wanted to get those ones, but they don’t come in my PD. I guess my eyes are uncommonly close together? They look amazing, and probably look even better on you.