Getting new case manager again

My current case manager called me Friday to tell me that she is delegating me to a case manager that has more time in their schedule for me. But I’m bothered by this because this new one will be the third case manager I’ve had in the last 6 month’s. And she’s a trainee. I also meet my new therapist Monday after group.


This happens to me too @cbbrown.
That’s ok - good luck!

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It can be hard to always be going through case manager after case manager, especially when you’ve already disclosed so much to one, and then you never see them again…

Sometimes when you get tossed around, it can feel like no one cares… it’s easy to wonder: will what I shared pass to the new person, or do I really have to start all over again?

I think that’s why they are trying that “continuity of care” thing. I don’t know how that’s even going. I have been out of the loop on the case manager stuff, and the mental health system, because I’m stable now, but I was there for years.

Now I just go in for medicine evaluations and that’s going good, for me. I’m thankful that I did have good community resources (and I still use some on my own now). But boy, I do not want to go back to the weekly monitoring days…

Blessed that I can do those things independently now :blush:

Rootin’ for ya!

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I get a new case manager to, not heard from them yet, mine got promoted

I have a psychiatrist, a nurse practitioner, a psychologist, a social worker and two general practitioners but no case worker. Never had one.

What does a case worker do for you?

Well at the clinic I’m at they are set up as a kind of second therapist, the case manager goes with me to appointments., and helps set up my new pharmacy getting med trays and they act as a meter of sorts to judge whether or not after talking to them that I need to see my pdoc


Yes, my Case Manager takes me to my doctors appointments, and she is currently helping me with my social skills.
Sometimes she will take me food shopping, etc.

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The first case manager read the report from my therapist and wanted to find out how I really felt about my in laws. So she took me to McDonald’s and bought me a large Coke. We just talked

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My wife kind of does all that stuff for me. She knows when I am off and when I need to go see someone or thinks I forgot my meds or need to go to the hospital.

I am applying for her to be my primary caregiver on Monday with the VA. She has to complete some training online and sit through an interview saying what she does for me that I can’t do for myself.

If she gets approved it could mean an extra $500 to $1600 per month from the VA. Then I will officially have a caregiver too although she already kind of does that.


I’m fortunate enough to have had the same case manager for the past year or so. I like the guy, we share some common interests so we have stuff to talk about. It could definitely be worse

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I was fostering some new born kittens this week and I was getting attached to the little male. I started calling him Jasper after your frog. Cute little things.

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I love cats! Especially kittens. My in laws female cat is the one in my profile picture. I’m her favorite person. Her actual owner was in the room but Lola kept coming up to me.

Anyway I got the name jasper from a tv show. But my frog is female I don’t care her name stuck anyways some times I call her jas for short

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I just met a new clinician last Thursday. It’s hard to figure how well we’ll turn out to be. She is quite professional, different from another who I had called a “paid for friend”. It’s hard not to call the new one “cold”. She’s probably just going to put me through my paces more. Time will tell.


The pdoc is ok she is a little quick to wanting to put me on the Halton pills again. My old therapist was awesome! I got along great with her. She said if i wanted instead of wasting my knowledge about animals to go to school or get a job. But I want to go back to volunteering this time at the cat shelter. I got the paperwork signed with a copy of my shot records from the last 10 years.

I just don’t know if I will get along with the new therapist or case manager

What do the Halton pills do for you?

The pills kinda help but they make me so tired and just emotionally dead other times an emotional ticking time bomb. But medicaid hoosier care connect won’t pay to try a second anti psychotic unless it is a cheap med like haldol

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