Getting my Covid19 shot

The Governor of Arkansas just opened Covid19 vaccines for those under 65 with health conditions. They will be giving out the Pfizer vaccine at my psychiatric care provider Thursday. I have emphysema and diabetes.


Congrats @Blue65
Good for you! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks. I’m really happy!


I’m also getting the Covid19 vaccine on Thursday. I found another place that is open to those under 50 with health conditions in my state. My brother has been really insistent that I get the vaccine more-so than my parents have been. I appreciate his support because without it I would be less likely to get the vaccine. After I had to cancel my appointment due to transportation conflicts the next day they closed out for those under 50. Slots are being filled rapidly. They are rolling out vaccines pretty slow I don’t think its right even if there is a limited supply because of so many people spreading misinformation it should be more accessible to those who want them. They aren’t going to make it mandatory. I also don’t even know if I am immune or ever had covid19. I could have just had a different illness, and if I did I will be still less likely to get seriously ill or catch covid19 if I get the vaccine.


I got mine too because I am a caregiver. Now they opened it up to obese people in California which would help many of those on antipsychotics.

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Thanks @anon71432064 @Moonstruck

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Kinda wish I had eaten 1000 donuts last month, could have saved my life.

Not to be rude or anything but I really want my vaccine.


Thanks agent101g.

I’m just saying to go a whole year without getting covid and then to die from it weeks before being vaccinated would be a horrible thing. I also need to visit my home soon on the other side of the country and I can’t do that before getting vaccinated.

In New Jersey they are allowing smokers early access to the vaccine. That would include me. How does that make some health-nuts feel?


After the Governor’s announcement, I got an appointment for April 1st. I texted my case manager if she would take me, and that’s when she told me they were giving them out Thursday at my care provider.

It’s probably a good idea. They always have their masks off smoking together.

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