Getting knocked out by antipsychotic

I take Latuda. I’ve been taking it for a little over 2 months, I think. It works great, symptom wise, but it’s also a hardcore sleeping pill to me. I always take it with dinner, and half the time I take it, it just knocks me out. Like I can’t even get ready for bed when it hits me.

Does anyone know if this will eventually go away?? It’s extremely difficult to deal with, especially if I eat my dinner out at a restaurant.

I’m having a similar issue with an increased dose of abilify. I think I’m going to switch to taking it before I go to bed to see if that makes a difference.

Latuda did not give me that side effect of sedation at all :confused:
It is so sad how these meds work differently on others :confused:

Can you take it just when you reach home with a shake? you are supposed to eat 350 calories


That’s a good idea. I’ll see if there’s a healthy shake that I could have every night. Thank you!

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I’m sorry you’re dealing with that, too. It sucks. I don’t recommend taking your med in the morning, if you have a choice, since it’s sedating for you. I did that once and then I napped for like 5 hours, lol.

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I’ve literally been knocked out by a clopixal injection while I was at my psychiatrist’s office. I had stopped taking my meds and he gave me a shot of a full ampule. When he loaded it it looked like he let some air in then when I was injected with it and I could feel it travel up to my brain. I managed to get to the couch and passed out face first onto it. A few minutes later I was up and mumbled to myself that I was ok. I was groggy for the whole day after.

As far as sedating regular meds go, clozapine was the worst for me but when I took it with the anti-depressant effexor it didn’t put me to sleep as soon as I took it and it was less sedating.

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Im on latuda and it does exactly the same thing to me. What i do is eat a small meal at 5 or 6 oclock and another small meal 350 cals at around 9 when im ready for bed. Its very frustrating but a good med for me. Going out for dinner remains a problem. I end up having dessert when i come home and i feel horribly full…

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Sedation is a side effect of a lot of these kinds of medications. Usually your body builds a tolerance and the drowsiness will lessen after a while (6mths), but it won’t go away altogether. Eating high-fat food half an hour to an hour before taking your dose will reduce unwanted side effects including its anti-psychotic potency. Milk and lactulose products will also minimise their absorption through the stomach and liver. If you can’t deal with it, ask your doctor’s advice. Good luck!

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Latuda didn’t sedate me as much as some. Have you been taking it a while? Do you take it at bedtime? That can help. Sometimes with a new med or a high or increased dose of a med, you might be extremely tired for a while. Sometimes it gets better