Getting kidney aches. 🙄

So I’ll take a trip to the doctor in a week if it doesn’t go away.

I’m worried that it could be my precious broccoli sprout extract. Hopefully it isn’t. I’ve been taking it for months without problems.


Please be careful @everhopeful
Hope you feel better soon.


Hope you feel better soon @everhopeful

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Thanks @Schztuna !

@Wave , did you ever get kidney aches on metformin ? The only time I had kidney aches before was when I took my metformin pills too close together.

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No never got kidney pains on Metformin @everhopeful.
But I guess that’s a possibility.

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My partner had kidney stones. There was blood in his urine for a few days, we went to the emergency. Eventually they removed his gallbladder.

But for me I did a health urine test called Vivoo. I got 4/10 on my kidney health because I smoke, drink coffee and alcohol. But I got 10/10 on immunity, hydration and other things.

I’m also taking broccoli sprout. I don’t notice any difference yet.

If I can figure out what’s causing it in a week I’ll go to the doctor. It’s just an ache at the moment.

I’ll try eliminating things and see what happens.

I hope it’s nothing serious like that.

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Ok. I eliminated everything except broccoli sprout extract and I get kidney aches about 3 hours after taking it. So it’s probably the culprit :frowning:

I won’t take it tomorrow to confirm that it is.

I don’t understand why this is happening now after about 3 months of taking it :frowning:

I’m screwed.

I’m wishing you the best dude, hope you’re doing ok.


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