Getting into drawing symbols w Latin mottos [PICS]

Done several in the last week. Here are some , @Azley, I gave a shout out to the atheists on one with their logo , tell me if you see it



I think I saw it… cool work makes the head spin a bit.

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Yeah man… that was my intention !

How’s the new place?

oh it’s great dude… lol

might be lined up to work the dish pit at the local bar. Just turned in my app yesterday.

Other than that just chilling. How have you been?

I feel a lack of direction and motivation… I don’t like this world and how the culture thinks and operates… I feel pretty ungrounded most of the time

and not getting much done outwardly because im getting spinal fusion surgery inDecember. On the bright side I’ll have a straight spine, I’ll be in much less pain, and I’ll be two inches taller.

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well yeah there you go man…

I feel you on the previous notes. I’m still struggling with seeing more clarity into how to really get my ■■■■ off the ground. I still find ways to chip away at it… Like getting the job to keep my money more balanced…

Been reviewing all sorts of computer stuff… and this is the second day this week that I’ve put the cigs down…

I had a pretty rough transition moving down here.

I really hope the spinal fusion procedure goes well… Getting a couple extra couple inches in height lol… That’s funny… I can’t really think of anything to say but. You deserve it!

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