Getting insurance is a nightmare

Most places won’t touch me for travel insurance and the ones that do want over £800 for 26 days vacation with my medical screening. I think insurance companies shouldn’t charge people with disabilities so much because it isn’t fair.

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At least you can get travel insurance.

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The car insurance company didn’t charge me anymore when I told em thats discrimination!

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800 pounds for 26 days that’s realy criminal that an insurance company will charge you that much. Shame on them.

Insurance companies use risk tables that take into account, age, weight, health conditions, etc. @bobbily’s medical led him to get an extremely poor table rating. Statistically, they are charging the rate they need to in order to remain profitable in his risk class. And before slamming an insurance company for being profitable, keep in mind that unprofitable ones cannot make good on claim payouts.

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I can’t post the company I use here but if you look at the suggestions on the mind website. Don’t go through compare and comparison.

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This one. I used the second one.

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I have not examined how much a travel insurance cost in the EU but I was just shocked that the insurance companies charged that much.

If I couldn’t get insurance I wouldn’t be able to go on vacation which would really suck. Vacations are good for my mental health and my care team think the same.

I can only afford one holiday this year after saving up for months. And after my court appointed deputy paying all my credit cards and debts.

You mean like how I can’t get any sort of health insurance to travel outside of Canada, anywhere, ever? It does suck, but welcome to life as a medically complex adult.

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i finally have dental insurance.

this is wonderful.


If I get sectioned one more time I won’t be able to get insurance for another 2 years then after 2 years it’s £866 for 26 days which thankfully it’s paid now. They are putting money in my account on Monday for my flights. It’s cheaper for the flight than the insurance.

Sorry to hear about you predicament @ozymandias.

I have travelled outside Europe without travel insurance before. It was a risk I was willing to take.

The worst case is you have a huge hospital bill, but as long as you don’t travel to the US it shouldn’t bankrupt you.

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I paid around £230 for a years cover (annnual) and I had been sectioned within 2 years at that point.

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