Getting in better Fitness for 2015 - Ideas

Hi Everyone - some tools that might help you get in better shape and get some exercise so you can improve your physical and mental health:

Share your own ideas too!

I plan on spending a whole lot more time in the back yard with the dogs once it’s not so cold again. I love going outside and it gives me energy and hope.


More archery. More time on the treadmill. More walking. Sit-ups, push-ups, and squats. I can do this.




Your link didn’t bring desired results for me.

About all I can think of for exercise for self is to park farther way from my destinations when I park my car. Usually those spots are less dangerous as well. I feel much less likely to get a scratch on my car at the end of the parking lot, that is.



Just a note that I went in and started seeing a dietician at the beginning of December. We’ve cleaned up my diet somewhat (the week around X-mas being the notable exception), and I’m already feeling better. I’m also walking almost every day on my treadmill for about half an hour and trying to build up from there. I lost about 10 lbs in December. Haven’t weighed in since the day before X-mas, so I am a bit nervous about tomorrow morning’s weigh-in. That being said, my pants seem a bit looser, so I am feeling hopeful.

Hope I can report more progress tomorrow morning. In any case, I’m glad I decided to go see my doctor for help and to try and get myself moving in the right direction again. Already enjoying improved health and energy levels. Hope I’ll be looking better soon, too.



“Plyometrics” are a good way to release endorphins and enhance muscle tone. Look them up on the internet.

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For now I’ll try to go to the park on my days off. When I move I will probably take a Yoga or a Tai Chi class.

Tai Chi is supposed to help fight stress. Laughing helps me fight it. Find a funny vine or comic to amuse yourself with.


I did a full month of walking 4 miles everyday in little more than a hour. I did not lose any significant amount of weight though.

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it’s in my new years resolution which I haven’t started yet. exercise every day, lift weights and do sit-ups and also join a martial arts class and a gym so I can go swimming a few days a week.


Also, take the stairs instead of the elevator.

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Deadlift 505 six times on trap bar
Squat 365 five times with wraps
Bench 225 five times

Wrap your knees with elitefts krait wraps and then try to take a dump

d00d? TMI.


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here’s my input lol-

my friend told me about it but i doubt i’ll be able to use it,

best thing i can do is start my aikido classes again bc i had to stop due to ill health and i just wasn’t in the mood anyway after my dad passed away

but i feel better now on my new anti anxiety med i think i could do it again without feeling bad. i loved aikido.

Yes! Get fit with the new yr :sunny: my plan is in action i have dusted off the treadmill and it is placed in the living room ready for action. Also, i have some free weights on there as well. I have a tai chi video with ball that i rec’d for xmas and i love it. It’s a little martial arts with stretching and mentally focusing that is easy to follow and rewarding. It’s only 20 mins too!

Here is the promised update…

My weight had been increasing and my overall health decreasing this fall. Was also struggling with depression. Started seeing a doctor about all of this at the very end of November. Also, a dietician. I go in weekly to be weighed now and to review my food and exercise journals for the previous week with a nurse. I’m testing my blood sugar daily and have been doing mostly okay, except for the three days around New Years. Not sure how I avoided a sugar coma there, darn it.

I lost 10 lbs in the first two weeks of December. That much poundage evaporating that quickly obviously involved some water weight loss. Third week I gained a pound back, but was still showing 9 lbs gone over three weeks, which is healthier. I took a two week break from the scale over Christmas and New Years, going back to the clinic this morning. I was nervous because I haven’t been as well-behaved as I could have been with food. This morning showed a 3 lb loss since Dec 24th, my last weigh-in. I have now dropped 12 lbs since the beginning of December. I’m okay with that. The holiday goal I gave the clinic was not to lose, but not to gain. I figured that was realistic, so I’m absolutely thrilled to come out ahead.

The amount of exercise I’m doing is improving. I’m walking farther, faster on my treadmill. I’m starting to work step aerobics back in. I’m just about to restart the 10 Minute Trainer program. I can feel my physical condition noticeably improving now, despite it being waaaaay too cold to go outside and exercise. Speaking of which, I’ve been shoveling walks, which counts.

So… Progress.

I would encourage anyone who needs to lose some weight or improve their health to see a doctor if you can, or at least start some sort of calorie tracking and exercise regimen if you can’t (not everyone has inexpensive health care). I highly recommend for those who need help with tracking. Free, wonderful, and apps for all devices.


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