Getting hurt and losing value

Isn’t that our complaint - that we’ve lost value? We have to become private investigators and remember where, when and how we got hurt.

Yeah, and how we threw things away because it hurt too much to own them any longer.

Who decides the values anyway?

In business that’s called “sunk cost” :wink:

Whoever is important to you.

How about yourself? That’s the most important person.

I feel about the same as others who have been on the forum who express that they can’t do the things they used to do - work, study, socialize, love - the things that make us valuable. It seems we have to take more than we can give - much like a child.

Every human has value, I have been bluntly told by some other people that I am nobody, I am zero, I am nothing, but I disagree with them. These have been people who have lived their lives in my little town and never seen so much world as I have seen.

Just because you can’t do the things you used to don’t mean you can’t do something else just as valuable. We aren’t the same person as we were 20 years ago, we age in phases and have to keep learning and growing as we age, much like a child, evolving and adapting.

A child has to live with in their environmental restrictions, but an adult limits themselves.

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You have value.
Those people who said that to you don’t have the power to judge you.
Some people just like being mean.

We may (for some of us, including me) need to be taken care of almost like a child, but that doesn’t mean we are valueless! We can love like a child (ok hear me out on this one it is about to get weird, just keep in mind I mean innocent, not like an actual 7 year old or something).
I always approaced relationships (from my first at 18 to my current) with total honesty. They all knew I had sz. They all knew I was depressed. I was honest about who I was in ways that I have come to learn that most, if not almost all, people aren’t. I hear about one woman not telling her fiancee about her student loan debt before they got married, about a man lying about how much money he had so that she and the kids could get what they wanted while just putting it on a credit card and racking up debt. I don’t do that. I never have and never will.
That is a special kind of love, I think, between a sick person and their care giver. That gets a bad name when the care giver is human, but think about seeing eye dog. Do we ever ask if that person is a burden to the dog? That is not to say being a care giver is easy, the dogs have a head start. They were trained since puppyhood for this while all most human care givers start out with is love.
I think it takes a special strength to say yes to this love. To say “I don’t know what is best. Please help me.” without mooching. A moocher is someone who doesn’t need help and gives nothing back. Even if you just give love or appriciation back (I’m not talking about people who are deluded into thinking their care giver hates them or something like that) love is helpful. The care giver gets love out of this, and that’s what they want above all. I read every love story I see on here. A mother or father loves their son so much they are willing to look after him for as long as it takes. A man or woman who says no to weekend parties because their partner simply can’t take the stress.
All we want and all they want is love. I will start the hugging chain here. -0-