Getting hooked on sleeping pills

How hooked are you on sleeping pills.

Do you take them every night or just bad nights?

I take melatonin and valerian root every night. Can’t sleep well nowadays.

and how is valerian root. i wanted to try grow it if its the same stuff we talking about

It works pretty well for me.

I dunno about growing it though

Have been on zopiclone every night for 14 years . Guess I’m addicted can’t sleep without it.

how hectic is ritrovil. i seem to take it the wholetime. the gp just prescribes it to me like sweets.

Cant be that bad but it really zones me out man

It’s real name is cloneazepam it’s a benzoate highly addictive usually prescribed for anxiety.

ya i take that every night. its seriously has weakened aswell i take 4 mg now. the bottle says Rivotril

Benzodiazepine sorry typo in last post

so they not as bad then as cloneazepam

is that the same thing as tranqiupam

Hopefully you don’t use anything to “wake yourself up” during the day if you use sleeping pills at night…This killed Elvis Presley. He was taking “uppers” by day, then sleeping pills by night and got addicted because he couldn’t re-regulate his body to do it naturally. It’s very hard on the heart, and proved his undoing.

Now, when you figure all the money he had, and he died at age 42 as a result of using sleeping pills and amphetamines…it shows you the drugs don’t care how rich and famous you are, they eventually win.

I’m not saying trying to preach to ya’ @User44, not you personally, but it’s pretty scary just how the things we think are helping, really aren’t doing us any good in the long run.


its the stupiid GP i swear they useless they sjust prescribe things. I take 2-4 mg Rivotril in the night to slepp and then i take something called tranqipam. i take 1 mg of that like maybe 3 times a=in the day when i start feeling things.

is tranqipam bad?

No, it’s not bad per se, it is a generic form of Lorazepam.
As with any drug that isn’t vital for your life, it’s something to be used short term.


the abilify isnt doing much tbh im going back next week to see my psychiatrist she said it might not be right for me. not sure.

I just got to make it to then :smiley: