Getting hip pains

My right hip. Hope it isn’t sciatica again - man that ■■■■ sucks


My right hip hurts too but it’s from jogging. I’m obese so it’s tough on my body. I hope you heal soon

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i feel yea i use to have major lower back pain until i went to chiropractor for year then it went away im good now. thanks god i lost weight so there not the much pressure on my back anymore. Do you go to chiropractor

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Never been to one. You found them useful? I think I need to shift this weight first and foremost

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they manipulate you spine so your nerves are not pinch sciatica is common thing that is treated in chiropracter world. try them out.

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it gets addicting too because it feels so good when the crack your back, its a huge relief you will like it. I love going the chiropracter, i always ask them to do everything lol the neck, legs, mid back and lowerback is adjusted. its great.

Try to stop eating gluten and Neu5Gc (an inflammatory sugar) containing foods for a few days. Basically any meat or milk from a hooved animal.

That alone could reduce arthritis pain big time.

My pains aren’t too groovy.

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I get some weird things as I grow older…I’ve got gout. I’ve also got plantar fascitis and I’ve also getting bursitus in the joint…especially in my hip from sitting too much. It’s hard when I drive for a long period or if I’m on the ride on mower…If it’s that I’ve found exercise helps…

I get super tight hips And legs I have to stretch every day.

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