Getting fat and self esteem issues

Im sick of gaining weight. Do you have self esteem issues due to your weight gain?

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Yea!!! I use to be beach banging body…now I’m just average. I just can’t deal with my old exercise routines anymore. My meds don’t make me gain weight, I don’t think. It’s more because I’m lazy.

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After my first episode they put me on Saphris and I went from 105 to over 200 lbs in less than 6 months. “Issues” seems like such an understatement. After trial and error, getting up to 250 thanks to Latuda and Abilify,

I’ve sworn off all atypical/2nd gen antipsychotics. So now I just have no motivation to deal with all the weight that those meds piled on. I’ve lost some, because I don’t eat much. But I don’t get much exercise, either. So I’m just here feeling like crap.


There some cushy spots but so what. First you can not sacrifice weight gain for stability. Find your stable weight it’s possible to be six packed even on meds that make you gain weight so I guess I’d say yea just a little.

I’m substantially overweight. I’ve lost a few pounds, but I’m still right on the verge of having self esteem issues about it.

I’m taking a fat burner now… also seeking to discontinue AP’s b/c of weight gain, which is not the worst of sides I get from them.

I’ll let people know how good the fat burner is after my two month trial. It should be decent as it stacks five main ingredients together. It’s stimulation-free. I do subtle walking exercises & some shadow boxing to try and keep down the weight, but I still put on 20 lbs in two months on Abilify. This crass has to end here & now.

Kinda depressed doesn’t help…I’m a beached whale. Lucky I can still go walking…Really is disabled size.

I exercise a lot and exercise is one of my top priority routine in my daily life.I will feel bad if I don’t exercise.I believe exercise help out our mental health too

I’ve been walking a lot and having just fruits for dinner. gaining weight is a NO. It’s just not an option. you have to struggle a little bit and put your efforts. I’m experiencing appetite increase.