Getting depressed after being in company

Even with my family.
This evening I was with my family in a bar to snack, and I’ve felt myself unable to do a conversatio and that makes me so depressed and useless when I come back home. :confused:

Does anyone feel identified ?

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Yeah…when I had my first major depressive episode in middle school I lost my ability to talk…it’s not that I was mute but I forgot how to make conversation…I drifted apart from all my extended family. It was very sad. I didn’t really recover my conversational skills until YEARS later. Sorry you’re dealing with this.

Years later my first depression episode I’ve not recovered it and seems it get worst :zipper_mouth_face:
Thanks a lott

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You can recover from this. I was down and out for many years and with the right medication I am bouncing back and people are very surprised and happy to meet the real me


After a real gathering it takes me about 3 hours to decompress. It used to take the rest of the day.

What was the right medication for you ?
Thanks for the hope!

Believe it or not. Prozac. And Latuda.

I was at an extended family gathering recently and I ran out of steam after about an hour. I just dried up conversation wise.

Maybe if people were having a conversation I was interested in I could have continued. But it was just one big conversation about children and sports.