Getting concerned about my aunt, she's in hospital, may mean a trip to florida

my aunt is type 1 diabetic and 73 years old. she has been hospitalized 3 times in the last 2 years, where she passed out when her blood sugar got too low. ambulance’s were called each time. now she had her 2nd car accident in the last year. her blood sugar got low, and she plowed into a gas pump and broke some ribs. speculation is, she is giong to lose her driver’s license now. she drives her son, my cousin, to work everyday, so he has not been able to work while she has been in the hospital. he is also disabled with cerebral palsy. im worried about her, mom says, she get’s complacent and doesn’t take care of herself like she should. this is like 5 incidents in the last 3 years. i wonder if she is tired of living or something? not taking care of herself like she should. anyways my cousin has no family in florida. so i don’t know what he is going to do in the future. he has lived in florida his whole life. we may be going down there to take care of my aunt for awhile once she gets out of the hospital. right now, she is in pain with her broken ribs. just worried about her, she is really nice, but is kind of a shut in and doesnt have much interaction with anyone other than her son now that her husband has passed away, she is a widow.


Hope your aunt gets better, sounds like she has a tough life. She’s a good woman.

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I’m sorry @Lifer
Your Aunt sounds like a decent person.
I hope she heals quickly.

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I hope she gets better, ill pray for her.

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thanks for the concern and prayers. she is getting a blood glucose monitor, i’ve been told.

don’t know if mom is going to go to florida or not, she invited me to come along if she goes, but i fear, i will just watch television the whole time, so will probably stay here.

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