Getting back to work

I can do all aspects of building work, since I was 13, my official trade is plastering…!


Are you going back to work?

yes I will eventually I have 2 earn a dollar


Will they boot you off disability or will you just come off it yourself?

cash in hand, so they will not know

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I did that for a while (not on disability). You could make a lot of money but your fuucked if you get caught, especially being on disability

I will take my chances

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Your dead right, plastering Is a hard enough life without getting paid for it :moneybag:

That’s cheating, Pedro.

If you’re well enough to work,

You’re well enough to get off disability.

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I dont know how it in Ireland but in the US at the very least you will have to pay money back if caught. They also can prosecute you and send you to jail here. It’s also very stupid to post such things and tell people such things. It leaves evidence.


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