Getting back to crochet

I’m doing really well at crocheting, I actually did three rows on my blanket I’m making and although my hand is tired I’m proud and glad I’m doing it, I’m enjoying myself. My blanket is getting big to be honest, I had to get another ball of yarn today!!! Like wow I’m doing great on this!


I have been practicing guitar and mandolin every day for several weeks. I don’t do it when I’m depressed or angry. Today I ordered a new how to blues book because I graduated from the book I had been using a couple of years and the new book I bought was too advanced. I don’t know if I’m going to try to read fiction.


That’s really awesome. You’re doing great work!

I also crocheted today. I learned how to crochet in a long term psych hospital’s arts/crafts group, in fact. That’s honestly the best coping skill I learned there.

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@Jinx that’s great that you have those. I went through carpal tunnel and ulnar nerve release surgeries so I haven’t been able to really really get into my crochet again until now. I get not doing it when your depressed and honestly it’s probably that keeps me from getting depressed.

@CrazyPlantLady thanks, I’m glad it helps you, it does me too, I couldn’t before because of the surgeries I listed above

Show us a picture please it would be great. I just get frustrated at myself because i really suffer with my attention span

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@dreamlessdreamer this is what I have so far


@dreamlessdreamer I understand about attention span problems I have ADHD so my brain has a hard time holding it’s attention unless I enjoy it then I can hyper focus

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