Getting annoyed

I have a man cave downstairs that I have not been able to use since January. We had some renos done so my wife crammed a bunch of her stuff down there “temporarily”. She decided it was better to have it down there than in her own space, which made my area unsuable. She finally moved it out when the kid came home so now it is crammed with the kid’s stuff and still unusable by the person whose space it is supposed to be.

Came out of the bedroom at 2 am because my wife is snoring like Pumba and I can’t sleep. I keep a blanket by my chair for this. It’s gone. Kid took it downstairs to sleep in the man cave. The other blankets are buried deep in the closet under stuff that shouldn’t be there. I am now in the upstairs living room cold, and unable to sleep.

I anticipate good scraps when everyone else starts to get up in the next two hours. Don’t be surprised if I move out by the end of the day. I can afford to.


I can understand that. Just dont do anything rash in the heat of the moment.

Give yourself some time to think through any decisons you make.

I only got 1.5 hours of sleep myself thanks to having to force this Cpap on myself.

I feel like smashing the 1000 dollar piece of junk against the wall, but Im not going to.

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I promise to give myself at least thirty seconds.


You need to hug the cat for warmth.