Getting along without my glasses

I’ve been less suppressed lately, remembering things that had caused tension and pain. As a result, I was so relaxed it changed my vision so that my glasses were giving me a headache. I tried not wearing them and, to my surprise, I could read clearly. I just finished doing a word search puzzle without glasses. With just a little effort, I could do it and I’m not wearing glasses as I write this post. I’m excited. What a vote in favor of self analyzing while on proper meds. I was wearing bifocals. :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s interesting …

My eye sight is awful without glasses.

Because I am short sighted, I have no choice but to wear them when driving

I can’t read or see much past a few feet without them

Generally just leave them on as otherwise I will break them as can’t be bothered to have a case in my pocket

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