Getting a ton of responses to my ad

I have an ad on Craigslist to advertise my services of piano lessons for children and adults and I’m getting a lot of text messages from prospective parent clients but none of them are biting. It seems like all of them want me to spend a ton of time with their kids for nothing. I have very reasonable rates. Any brick and mortar or online studio would charge way more and yet they want me to charge even less? I don’t get it.

My piano instructor came over today for my lesson and I told him about my teaching plans. He gave me his blessing. He told me that it took him forever to build up his student caseload to what it is today. (He has a giant student caseload).

I guess I just need to be patient. As they say, “If you build it, they will come”.


Always hard starting out. I’m sure once you get one client then more will come! Not a bad thing teaching kids music! Well done for you!


Thank you, @rogueone.

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That’s awesome that you’re able to teach. Good luck!

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Thank you, @LED.

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I figured one thing I can do is walk a dog. But the pet owners wanted to give me a mere pittance. I didn’t want to do it for my cost . . .

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