Getting a smartphone next week. good and bad

I’m hoping I can get into a smartphone for around $75 bucks for the phone and first month service. going down to the rental place down the street so they can set up everything I want on it…I would do it online but I want to be able to have a person set it up for me thus the rental place. at least I will be able to post pictures on facebook and here maybe even.

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Yay! I got a new smartphone after my older one got damaged in a car accident. Kay paid 60 for the phone and I pay 50 for the month through my in laws. I know it seems like a lot. But I’m paying for my line and my data plan.

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I’m hoping I don’t get carried away and get a plan that is too expensive for me. I may chicken out and just get a text and long distance phone with no smartphone capabilities…I really want a smart phone though…

You could just get Wi-Fi in your house, most smart phones let you switch over to use Wi-Fi for the internet that’s what Kay does.

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huh, I have wifi in the house…I will tell them that.

It’s so confusing getting WiFi when you’re out never sure if I got it but I now love books online and especially music from anywhere

When I tell my brother/advisor I want a smart phone - he says “You’ll break it. You can’t afford it.” probably both true.

very wise @pob I hope they have one just for texting and long distance. that’s what my last phone was.

Hmm correction not all men