Getting a smart phone tomorrow...happy...!

My phone died on my tonight so tomorrow morning I am getting a smart phone I put the money back for…so happy…now I can post on here with photos…don’t know really why it’s taken me so long…


Cool! I really got accustomed to my first smart phone fast. The most common way I use it is if I’m having trouble falling asleep, I’ll grab it without getting up and just read a few news stories then lie back down, knocks me right out.

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Enjoy! I don’t regret getting a smart phone as most have some pretty handy apps these days and the cameras are so much better.

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What I need is a dumb phone.

Get yourself an Instagram account and PM me when you got it d00d, I’ll follow u.

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oh I am not that good on the phone @velociraptor but you can follow me on facebook from Canada can’t you?

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