Getting a Roswell souvenir from New Mexico soon

My best friend is going to New Mexico next week and he said he would get me something from the souvenir shop…I know that’s just a little thing but I love souvenirs !! I love New Mexico too.


Roswell is a neat little town. Even the McDonald’s is UFO themed. New Mexico is a great state, I love it.


My father and his family owned A LOT of land near Roswell NM when they were kids, and my sz uncle was born in Roswell. He swears he’s an alien and that that’s part proof.

I once had to hit him in the head with a milk glass saucer. Caused him to bleed all over my face, as he was on top of me, choking me.

There was a running joke about flying saucers after that.

It’s actually a good memory.

omg , someone choking you is a good memory?? haha…I don’t understand…I’m glad you like Roswell.

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Yeah, it turned out to be. My uncle and I have a weird connection. We frequently read each other’s minds when we’re together, and have some code words. We’re both 9s, too, which means a lot to him, as he loves numerology. We’re both off in similar ways.

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