Getting a property together ? I can’t do it

So we are gonna rent but eventually he wants to buy a property together.

He says he can’t have kids outside marriage. Well I’m fine with not having kids. But … I also don’t want to buy a property with him without marriage. Is that selfish ?


Sounds like you’re being logical to me.

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Sounds rational.

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I think I can understand how you feel. I don’t understand why the two of you haven’t gotten married. Does he not want marriage? Or you don’t want marriage? Or you just aren’t ready yet?


Well I have part property I’m happy for him to live there I just don’t want to sell my share and buy a property with him if we are not going to marry.

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I want it. He’s not ready. Or I’m not sure he ever will be. But he’s asked to buy a property together. I’m not comfortable with the idea.

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