Getting a load of negatives at the moment

These last 4 days have been hard. Just no motivation to wash, cook or clean. Crazy racing thoughts and a lot of disorganisation. Hate this ■■■■.

My CPN came round and was worried that I had not made a meal in weeks - have just been eating porridge (pretty good for the waistline but real bad for the energy levels).

Complicating all this is number of withheld numbers I have been getting on my phone. Freaking me out. Listening to morrissey all the time doesn’t help either.

Hey I like Morrissey too! I hope you’re feeling a bit better when you read this though.


I hope that you feel more motivated soon @Jimbob.

I know what you are going through, I suffer from hard hitting Negatives as well.

You Hang in there.


sorry you are getting this man, i would hate that if my phone was like that it would freak me out as well, have you thought about changing your number? or blocking numbers,

and i have been doing some shopping lately and its great (not trying to make you jealous) but we had a lovely curry tonight with some nann bread :slight_smile: its good to have a bit of variety in your diet and maybe some meat and i think i am actually starting to enjoy getting food now.


He’s the bard of the negatives. Don’t give them their own theme music!

I had a restricted call a few days ago, too. Didn’t answer it. It weirded me out. I don’t think I could stand it if I were getting several a day.

Stop, take a deep breath, look around. What’s one thing that needs doing around you?


Managed to make some tuna and noodles just now. First hot food for a while. Feeling a bit better as a result. This lack of drive is like swimming through treacle though.

Sorry you’re going through this.
Hang in there, for things tend to balance out over the long haul.
Maybe change the music, too.

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Your negative symptoms are a perpetual state with me. We just had an inspection, so everything is clean now, but my room will quickly get back into its messy state. Just about all my meals take one minute to heat up in the microwave.


same here, all the food is microwaveable, like pot pies and …pot pies…haha but today even though it was raining all day I was happier today than last night, processing emotions, and not giving up.


not to be a jerk, but disorganized thinking isn’t a negative symptom, but if you’re newly stabilized, sometimes it’ll persist for two or three days.

Two comments. Yes, not eating right will make you feel bad. Especially eating only one thing all the time. My suggestion is if you are having a really rough time getting motivated to eat right, than I suggest buying canned food and stocking up. The more variety you have to eat the healthier you will be. Opening and heating up canned food is as easy or even easier than making porridge.

Eating canned food is not as healthy as eating fresh meat, fresh, vegetables, or dairy products but they are way better than eating strictly porridge. You can buy canned food and still eat porridge if you want, but everything in moderation. You can buy canned fruit, vegetables, meat and pasta.

Here’s another tip: check for sales for canned food and stock up when it’s cheap. Buy 7 or 8 cans of it. You will save money and always have food on hand if you are just feeling so bad that you can’t get yourself to shop for food.

Like I said, it’s better for you to eat fresh food, but it doesn’t hurt to eat canned food if you just absolutely can’t get yourself to go the grocery store. Maybe make it a goal to cook at least one good homemade meal a week of something you really, really, like. It’s a good way to pamper yourself and do something good for yourself.

Wow, I’m really obsessing on this thread aren’t I, lol? The best, most basic way to take care of your health is to eat right and get enough sleep. As people with schizophrenia, these are especially important for us and they are the most basic things to do to help ourselves, not only for the present, but for the future too.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, Morissey is the king of depressing songs. Instead, listen to the Beatles or even better yet, go on YouTube and watch videos of them performing. I can’t be depressed if I’m watching John Lennon mugging for the camera while singing " I feel Fine".


Wow! Thanks for the lengthy reply Nick. Am going into town today to pick up my prescription so will buy some cans there. Eating only porridge is a quick way to ■■■■ myself up.

Ps thanks for the advice on morrissey - he is ■■■■■■■ depressive. But he is kinda like a guilty pleasure. Will listen to some they might be giants instead- have you heard them? Very upbeat.

Beatles are on now Nick!

Yeah, I heard of them but I’m not familiar with their work.

Ha, ha, I’m proud of myself now. I just made another convert.