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So I was diagnosed with Schizoaffective Bipolar Type when I was 16 and because of how severe it was I was pulled out of school. I am currently 25 and have not had a job other than odd jobs doing yard work for neighbors. I am finally on the right med dosage and combination and want to try to get a job. I just feel hopeless about it though because I don’t really have any experience. Does anyone have any tips?


Start with easy jobs part time then slowly increase the stress lvl to see if you can handle it.


I agree with @Aziz. Start with a simple part time job and see how you do. If you do well try working more hours. If you still do well, look for a new job that offers on the job training

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I was in the same boat, I had not been officially unemployed for 17 years. I did yard work for my neighbour, they paid me to cut their grass. I also freelanced as a computer technician and help people and local business with their computer problems, but I don’t own my own business.

I got my first real job 6 months ago. On my resume I just wrote “self employed” for those 17 years on my resume.

I used the website and that is where I found my job. It is a global website so you can find a job wherever you live. You can search for jobs in your area and have them email you jobs. Visit that site, create an account, they have a form that will create a professional resume for you. You can set the resume “public to employers” so they can search for you and contact you if they are interested or you can send it to job listings on the website. Indeed is my favourite job website, but there are others.

I only applied to jobs I felt I could do and I only work part time for now.

Don’t get discouraged though, It took me months to find a job. I applied to a bunch of places, some ignored me, some wrote me back and said they were not interested. I landed a few interviews, and finally a job I am happy with. I just got my first raise a month ago!


Try something that will challenge you. I say this, because it is hard to remain motivated with this illness. To keep the motivation going, something ought to be moderately challenging.

Can you complete schooling? Do your circumstances enable you to complete your education?

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