Get up and go

Lately I’ve gotten into the habit of getting up early, grabbing my bike, and heading down to the park to ride the trails.

By the time I get back I feel more focused and ready to start my day.


Lol! If I did that, then it would be my entire day !

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Haha it’s usually the main event for me too before I come back and hide out in my house. :rofl:

But it helps keep me out of my bed all day when I get back. Even if that just means working on my computer, being able to make a sandwich for myself, or sitting out in the yard.


I think that’s fantastic. You get exercise and nature and out of the house all at the same time. Perfect.


Thanks! I hope I can keep it up. :slightly_smiling_face:


wow how exciting that you have a routine that is positive in your life…!! when I need to go outside I go in my back yard and just walk around looking at the trees…I have a lot of big trees in my back yard…anyways…glad for you !! @anon1517417

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I used to love to do that.

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Regular exercise is so good and getting out in what looks like a nice place is so cool. Well done you and keep on keeping on.

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Cool, it could be a really great routine.

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