Get on the boat

I am in the midst of struggling with schizophrenia for better outcome.

When I am suffering from the mental illness, it can be compared to an islander (in isolation). So when I am going though treatment, it can be compared to the islander getting on the boat. Finally when I am recovering from the mental illness, it can be compared to the islander and the boat arriving in mainland.


Yes! I’m hopping on this boat with you! I’m not missing another barge!

Good Bye ■■■■ ups!!!


The nutsack is not meant for science experiments and Erowid is not a credible reference.

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boat boat, he bought a boat.

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I fish a lot when I get the chance to go. I haven’t fished in like 4yrs ever since I’ve had to relocate pretty much. I use to go out all the time and it would be one fish after another even won some tournaments fishing. I know that lake like the back of my hand what time of the year to fish for what and where so it was always a good outcome. I would never tell them that though.

theres times where I would get up go on the boat and the lake would be like a mirror no ripples or nothing just me and the lake pretty much nobody else. That’s when I found myself at peace the most is when I was doing some of these things. It helped out with my mental health problems made me look outside of myself at times and beauty of things, but light of day I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me but it helped to alleviate the symptoms by doing some of those things, but at times It didn’t help at all.

So at times I want to get on the boat to and just drift away sometimes!

Have a good one!

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I think that is a good way to visualize recovery. I wish you happy sailing, and calm waters.

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All aboard…