Get my hopes up

I get my hopes up when it comes to medication. I know I shouldn’t but I always hope the next pills or the next raised dose will end the voices, anxiety, delusions and visual hallucinations. just like I hope the sarcosine can help with negative symptoms. I know it takes months to feel the effects of the meds and supplement. It doesn’t hurt to be an optimist?


I think it takes a lot of courage to have hope and be optimistic about things like that in life. I find it easier to be very pessimistic and often avoid trying in general, to avoid the sting of failure or disappointment. People like you just seem brave to me.


Why did the Turkey cross the road?

-The chicken was on vacation…probably in Cabo as someone’s dinner.

Okay that wasn’t that funny. Hmm. Here is a meme

Don’t sue me if you are a Hillary fan, I just think this is kinda funny.

But, despite this, you seem pretty cool in the short amount of time I have known/known of you. I am glad that you are being optimistic as I am trying to re-become one. Hang in there!


i’m not a Hilary fan, I root for Bernie sanders. Hilary is the democrats version of trump. She seems self absorbed.


I think it helps to be optimistic. :slight_smile:

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Agreed, although I wasn’t at first, I am slowly becoming more of a supporter of Bernie. Especially since I learned that he has called for more police training when dealing with mentally ill–something I think needs to be implemented so innocent people don’t get shot or attacked(something I have feared D:).

Anyways, there are sooooo many hilarious Hillary memes. I’m not really a meme person, but damn, those Hillary Memes are hilarious! Look em up for a chuckle :slight_smile:


i am a bernie sanders fan too. Hopefully he can beat hiliary

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I’m feeling the bern, too!

I’m afraid if trump wins, us sz will be enemy #1…thinking more national databases, less access to affordable mental health care, a lot of angry mobs. ugh.

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That’s what i’m scared of too.

“Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst”.
A saying I’ve always liked.

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