"Get into a centre and interact"

“Get into a centre and interact”, but what if you don’t know how to/you struggle to grasp the rules of social engagement. There’s a presumption it’s all just about stepping through the door, and hey presto a social network will soon develop.
Reality for some of us: Step through the door. Find chair to sit on. Struggle to approach anyone and initiate a conversation. Spend the time gazing round the room. If someone does approach you you then struggle to make small talk and sustain a conversation.


My Case Manager, therapist and father want me to attend this MI Clubhouse.
I really don’t want to go because I’m very awkward in social situations and will have a really hard time initiating and maintaining conversation.

I also don’t want “friends”.
Maintaining a friendship is emotionally exhausting!

Step through the door. Realize that you have practically killed yourself. Start to experience hell on hearth and a very strong urge to retire. Leave and never come back again. :smile:

I don’t want people to get too close. As you say would be too exhausting/stressful.


I think they call these centers “bars”

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It may very well play out as you have written, but even that will be a growing experience. The worst that will happen is probably that you will be uncomfortable and you won’t make a friend your first day and maybe for quite a while.