Get a Job at any technological/computer company

All you gotta do is learn how to hack into the system. Like if I wanted a job at google i would learn enough and then hack into googles system with my job resume. Its just bold enough to work. However i don’t want to work in technology so it wont be helping me but if u do try this it might work.

Or you could just send them your details and say you’re looking for a job. The old fashioned way? :smiley:

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Haha yea thats probably the best way to get a job. But u have to admit my way would get cudos for creativity.

Haha I have an IT job just not in a techno company. I’d love to work for Google

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In my town where i go to college. They are under construction for another google headquarters. Towns gonna get bigger in the next few years lol

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when you get to the interview just give them the most motivational speech you can muster up, I’m 7/7 for getting an interview and getting the job. To be fair most of them were ■■■■ but loads of people applied and I got it