Get a coffee with me?


It’s coffee time! Small talk abounds.


I’ll take a Turkish coffee please. :slight_smile:


What is Turkish coffee?


The grounds are ground real fine and brought to a boil twice. It’s cool how they make it. :slight_smile:


Is it less bitter?


Like, what makes it special besides how it’s made?


Time to order lunch.

Too bad in this pretend cafe I also have to make the food.


It’s supposed to be strong. Think double espresso. :slight_smile:


I’m having a chicken ceasar wrap with tomatoes and cucumbers. Wish I had an avocado.


I need a cup of Cafe Bustello stat, and a bag of durritto with 1 lb cheddar :slight_smile:


Cafe Bustelo is my favorite!!!


I could use a good spicy chai.


how about a chai latte :slight_smile:


You want to bring me one? I’ve got $6 in my wallet. Will that cover the plane ticket?


I’ll give you a virtual one :slight_smile:


My lunch was a blue berry scone and crackers with cheese from Germany. I forgot the name of it.


I had Dunkin donuts with a coconut shot today a long with a red bull. Explains my motivation to post so much on here.


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