Get a coffee with me?


My sister is coming back to the States for a couple months and staying with us. I’m scared of what she’s going to think of how dirty/cluttered my kitchen always is.


I fully relate. My life is dirty and cluttered.


I also drink my coffee too fast. I basically chug it… sometimes it gives me a stomach ache from drinking it so fast. I actually drank some coffee about 45 minutes ago.


Anything fun? What do you put in it?


Flavored creamer. I switch it up sometimes, but I usually just use boring French vanilla. Sometimes I use Italian sweet cream. At restaurants that don’t have flavored creamer I use just half and half and sugar.


My favorite lately has been this one.


Other kids made fun of me bc I have a mustache. So I stole some of my stepmom’s Nair (hair removal cream) and used it. I ended up burning my upper lip. So the next day at school I had to wear a lot of foundation to cover up the redness on my lip. It was embarrassing bc I think you could still see it.


Got distracted like a hundred million times but I finally got a coffee in a cup (skim milk) :blush:


The US is I think the only place in the world that doesn’t use metric measurements


Kids are jerks.

One time in highschool I shaved my head. Like, skinhead bald. It was mostly on purpose.


Your picture reminded me that I need to find new headphones. My new phone doesn’t have a headphone jack so I can’t use my cheap ones anymore.




I don’t think I have ever tried that kind. I don’t even know if I had ever heard of or seen it before you just sent that. I don’t think I have seen it even in stores.


i would like to talk with you about coffee, i got another box of 40 k cups of coffee from my mother in law. i only had two cups today. i got a bunch of pumpkin spice all natural creamers from my partner’s boss like 14 bottles.


I love pumpkin spice.


Hahaha okay so when I was in highschool, my mom used to cut my hair cause like, I had a pretty plain style and it was just cheaper. Which was fine but then one day she really mucked it up and took a big chunk out of my bangs. And like… there was no way to cover it up. So I was like “■■■■ it we’ll do it live” Haha so yeah, I had Vasquez-from-Aliens hair for my grad year :joy:


It’s really good and made with real cream, not oil. It’s delicious.


I might try it one day, if I can find it.


K cups hurt my heart for all the plastic that goes to landfills. Have you thought about getting a reusable cup and filling it with your own coffee grounds?


I sometimes drink coffee creamer straight.

As for coffee I will only drink it if it’s ridiculously sweet. It can be whatever flavor but it has to be at least 60%sugar.