Get a coffee with me?


You chose the wiser path… One day I will follow that path to


Good luck when you do! It’s totally worth it.


Maybe she is still in her teenage years and refuse to grow up


Rich people make me nervous


Who else drinks 3-4 coffees a day? I do… Sigh…


Ya they got the moneyconfidencebonus.


Oh that’s nice :smiley:

About the lady you saw, maybe she was one of those prudes who felt her femininity was threatened due to the size of her feet, and wouldn’t accept she needed bigger shoes.
“I don’t need shoes that big, I can fit these perfectly!”


That’s what I assumed. That whole “a proper lady does NOT wear a size 9!” attitude.


I usually drink one regular, a couple decaf, and then I switch to caffeine free herbal teas.


They don’t really make me nervous so much as they make me feel inadequate. I’ve been poor my whole life.


I actually once overheard a woman mocking her daughter for needing big shoes.
Most women wear size 36-40, this girl needed size 42. So her mother said “42!? But you’re a woman, women don’t need such big shoes!”

Like wth?


I only drink Latte’s


Yeah, that’s a bunch of ■■■■■■■■.


I have really big feet for how short I am. I didn’t used to, but they’ve grown a lot with my last pregnancy, gaining weight, and just getting older I guess. I used to wear a 6/6.5, now I wear a 7.5/8. I have really super extra wide feet, so I often have to size up.


I’m a size 11 :upside_down_face:


How tall are you?


Six foot :weary:


For being so tall that’s actually a pretty small shoe size. I have a few friends that are 5’9" and wear an 11.


Honestly, you’re right. Body stigma is something I’m trying to work on overcoming.


FWIW when my six foot husband bought his last pair of heels he wore a 13.5. lol